Yikes. Sorry for the delay! I got a little lazy. And then I got a full-time job. Yikes, indeed.

Here are some shots of our spring thus far.

T learning to tie a fly:

C in a new handmade reversible beach hat:

Picnic Lunch on Boylston on Marathon Day (uncle Wynne ran it. again.):

Little League:

As we roll on into May, I expect much more baseball, hope for much more grass in our newly-planted backyard and yearn for more warm sun.

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Go Red Claws!

Last December, I purchased a Maine Red Claws Ball Boy package as part of a local charity auction. As O is our resident Ball Boy, he was the obvious recipient of this gift. I was worried my anxious little worry-wart would be too afraid to even go through with it, but he didn’t think twice. It may have helped that there were like 8 other honorary Ball Kids for this New Year’s afternoon contest. His duties consisted of standing along the baseline during warm-ups before each half, fetching rebounds during the open shooting portions. It was surprisingly chaos-free.

(Yes, he was given permission by staff to mooch from the players’ drink stash)

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The Blue & Gold Banquet

This year’s theme was Mexican Celebration, & we threw in a 2nd cub scout to boot. So we we’re divided up between 2 tables this year, with O free to roam unencumbered by allegiances.

There were some kick-ass desserts in the competition. Here’s a Taco Cake:

A Couple Sombreros:


Let’s finish up with some action shots. Ole!

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Christmas with That BAYbee

Yummy yum yum. I miss him! He is such a very small man.

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The Big Four-oh

Uh-oh! It’s four-oh!

We’re both falling apart at the seams,
and looking at old photos is grim.
But gray hair, no hair, back hair be damned -
For me, there’s no one but him.

To my equal, my match, my love – here’s to forty more!

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A Two-horse Closed Wagon

Not quite the stuff of “Jingle Bells” lore I guess, but still a fun little Portland┬áholiday tradition for us.

Warming up with friends across the Square:

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Something Old, Something New

We cut down our own Christmas tree again this year, but at a new location. It was very speak-easy – basically a guy’s backyard with a small area of Christmas trees. They were definitely a little less full and shaped, but also half-price!! We’ll be heading back there this December.





But there was something else of much interest (only) to me in this backyard:

I’ve always loved old cemetaries……part of my slight preoccupation with death, I guess. So this was a fun little nugget to come across.

This was all I could find on a old Foss Family in Saco after 5 minutes on Google. Kinda surprising, actually. But I did see a piece on this group late last year on Bill Green’s Maine. I wonder if they have the scoop.

Of course, there are young children in there right along with war vets. A reminder of a different, harder time.

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