Hey, yo.

Helloooooo out there. Yup, I know – over two years!! What creeps me out a little? The shot below, in my last post, of us watching the marathon on Boylston in 2012 is right where one of the bombs went off the following year.

I’m not sure if I’m back or not, but maybe I will poke my head up on occasion. In the meantime, here’s a shot of our recent trip to Disneyworld. It was “magical”, of course.


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Yikes. Sorry for the delay! I got a little lazy. And then I got a full-time job. Yikes, indeed.

Here are some shots of our spring thus far.

T learning to tie a fly:

C in a new handmade reversible beach hat:

Picnic Lunch on Boylston on Marathon Day (uncle Wynne ran it. again.):

Little League:

As we roll on into May, I expect much more baseball, hope for much more grass in our newly-planted backyard and yearn for more warm sun.

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Go Red Claws!

Last December, I purchased a Maine Red Claws Ball Boy package as part of a local charity auction. As O is our resident Ball Boy, he was the obvious recipient of this gift. I was worried my anxious little worry-wart would be too afraid to even go through with it, but he didn’t think twice. It may have helped that there were like 8 other honorary Ball Kids for this New Year’s afternoon contest. His duties consisted of standing along the baseline during warm-ups before each half, fetching rebounds during the open shooting portions. It was surprisingly chaos-free.

(Yes, he was given permission by staff to mooch from the players’ drink stash)

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The Blue & Gold Banquet

This year’s theme was Mexican Celebration, & we threw in a 2nd cub scout to boot. So we we’re divided up between 2 tables this year, with O free to roam unencumbered by allegiances.

There were some kick-ass desserts in the competition. Here’s a Taco Cake:

A Couple Sombreros:


Let’s finish up with some action shots. Ole!

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Christmas with That BAYbee

Yummy yum yum. I miss him! He is such a very small man.

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The Big Four-oh

Uh-oh! It’s four-oh!

We’re both falling apart at the seams,
and looking at old photos is grim.
But gray hair, no hair, back hair be damned –
For me, there’s no one but him.

To my equal, my match, my love – here’s to forty more!

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A Two-horse Closed Wagon

Not quite the stuff of “Jingle Bells” lore I guess, but still a fun little Portland┬áholiday tradition for us.

Warming up with friends across the Square:

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