Inequality 101

Not that I’m a huge health care reform advocate, given the current slate of options. However, seeing an ad for this on TV recently almost made me sick. Seriously. WTF. How palatable can a health care system be that allows this to happen in light of the plight of million and million of un- and under-insured?? This is not the right to own a car or a house, or even to buy organic. This is the right to avoid being rescued from death only to see it looking you in the face again in the form of a bill.

And I guess part of this the new mother in me, too. After I got over the nausea, I laughed out loud at this room. It’s an absurd farce, except it’s actually real. Newsflash, new-mommies-to-be, you are not gonna care about the Maine Cottage furnishings. They will not add ambiance to your time spent in that room. The “spacious closets for your personal items” will be ample for the solitary bag you have with you I’m sure. The whole thing is laughably absurd.

I can’t even believe you’re reading right now about something that really exists. It’s one thing if this is something for the rich and pampered that they pay for out-of-pocket – fabulous. For this to be part and parcel of a system that is bankrupting hospitals and the government and utterly failing so many ill and suffering people……..can you feel my outrage?


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I love Maine. I hate mosquitoes. I prefer the bottom half of a muffin to the top. Baseball yes. Boxing no. Oh, and I have 3 boys in middle school. This is my blog.
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One Response to Inequality 101

  1. Ma says:

    You’re not upset are you?????

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