When it rains…….

I’m telling ya – we were healthy until Thanksgiving. I swear. So it’s payback time. I’m getting over pneumonia and a broken rib, but now………well, now, T has a broken middle finger. His big brother accidentally dropped a cinder block on T’s hand while trying to break some ice. His ring finger on his right (dominant) hand is pretty banged up but structurally OK. The top of the middle finger is hideous. As in, I felt nauseous when the wrapping came off for another xray yesterday.

So the procedure to set his bone and tendon is on Christmas Eve, and he’s going under for it. Happy holidays to T. At least he’ll be pretty well distracted by the super-funnest day of the year. Hopefully he’ll be in OK shape for it.

Here he is the evening of the incident:


About gumbygoogoo

I love Maine. I hate mosquitoes. I prefer the bottom half of a muffin to the top. Baseball yes. Boxing no. Oh, and I have 3 boys in middle school. This is my blog.
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2 Responses to When it rains…….

  1. meg says:

    poor T!! worst. picture. ever.

  2. beth says:

    Poor little man!! Look how sad his eyes are! Painful.

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