The Glory of Gummies

So, I’ve been making a lot of homemade gummy candies lately. Sure, the boys like ’em. But I really like ’em. We’re in the process of making our way through the colors of the rainbow, so I decided to document blue for ya.

Step 1: Let all the powders sit together and do their thing.

Step Two: Throw in a little heat to get things cookin’.

Step Three: Pour all the goo into the candy molds (I prefer a big, chewy gummy. Hence the cherry cordial mold.)

Step Four: Let sit for 20 minutes. Peel out of mold with ease as seen below.

Ta daaa!

I’ll spare him one. He’s happy.


About gumbygoogoo

I love Maine. I hate mosquitoes. I prefer the bottom half of a muffin to the top. Baseball yes. Boxing no. Oh, and I have 3 boys in middle school. This is my blog.
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One Response to The Glory of Gummies

  1. Memere says:

    He looks older all of a sudden. How are those fingers doing?
    Nice Gummies.

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