Island Escapades

Mackworth Island is indeed, technically, an island. But if you can drive to an island from the mainland, doesn’t that make it a little less, well, islandy?

Speaking of islands, my friend Laura is spending 9 months in Tokyo, Japan for her company. I am SO psyched, as a non-Facebooker, that she is blogging about her adventures! Feel free to follow along here.

OK, back to Mackworth. The boys have been chompin’ at the bit to get back to the Fairy Village. We managed to find a parking spot on our second try (woohoo!), and off we went.

Anyone in there?:

The Boys’ Fairy House, complete with high-profile non-natural object:

Dragging a Log through the Water:

with his ever-present helper and follower:


About gumbygoogoo

I love Maine. I hate mosquitoes. I prefer the bottom half of a muffin to the top. Baseball yes. Boxing no. Oh, and I have 3 boys in middle school. This is my blog.
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One Response to Island Escapades

  1. Laura says:

    K – thanks for the plug!! Now there’s pressure to update it. 🙂 Hope all is well…love all the photos. Am really missing the Maine coast right about now!

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