A couple weeks ago, my brother & his peeps came up for a weekend visit. It was great to see him and Ang again, and even more special because Ang’s kids came up, too: Josh & Jennifer (plus a friend of hers). Here are all the kids gobbling up their lobster feasts:

Then it was our turn:

I have to admit it – I still am not a big fan of lobster!! I don’t know……I just don’t think it tastes like much of anything. It’s wasted on me, I swear.

Josh was super-cute with my guys. He spent good time with them at the beach and played some ball with them as well! Love:

So, back to that beach thing. Major quality beach time for the crew – the weather was awesome, as were the waves. However, after us 4 grown-ups managed to get out for a beer after lobster dinner, I finally succumbed to a bitch of a cold & was out of commission all day Sunday. Booooo. But here is some evidence of fun had at Old Orchard Beach with Unckie Mike:

Go, Mike!:

Thanks for coming, guys!


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I love Maine. I hate mosquitoes. I prefer the bottom half of a muffin to the top. Baseball yes. Boxing no. Oh, and I have 3 boys in middle school. This is my blog.
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4 Responses to Visitors!

  1. Melissa says:

    No love for lobster?!!! Boooooooo!

  2. Liz says:

    I’m with you on the lobster! I had my first lobster roll at Red’s in Wiscasset and I do have to say it was yummy but I wasn’t over the moon about it. I had a second lobster roll about a week later at a local dive and OH MAN IT WAS HORRID! I’m done with lobster for a good year. Maybe once a year at Red’s and I’m good.

    Looks like good times! It occurred to me today that our beach time is quickly coming to an end for the year. I’m all of the sudden longing for one more hot day to hang out at the beach.

    Hope your cold is better!

  3. meg says:

    i agree about lobster. i don’t like that it’s staring me down at first & it’s too much work! all that mess & it’s basically just a vehicle for butter. no thanks.
    baked stuffed lobster tail, lobster risotto, now that’s a different story.
    yay for a fun visit!!

  4. mike says:

    Your all insane lobster is the best as were the waves and the company!! Can’t believe I made the blog yikes!!

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