Something Old, Something New

We cut down our own Christmas tree again this year, but at a new location. It was very speak-easy – basically a guy’s backyard with a small area of Christmas trees. They were definitely a little less full and shaped, but also half-price!! We’ll be heading back there this December.





But there was something else of much interest (only) to me in this backyard:

I’ve always loved old cemetaries……part of my slight preoccupation with death, I guess. So this was a fun little nugget to come across.

This was all I could find on a old Foss Family in Saco after 5 minutes on Google. Kinda surprising, actually. But I did see a piece on this group late last year on Bill Green’s Maine. I wonder if they have the scoop.

Of course, there are young children in there right along with war vets. A reminder of a different, harder time.

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This just goes to show what a blog rut I’ve been in, in case you haven’t noticed. Here are the photos of my nephew’s first birthday…….back in mid-NOVEMBER. {sigh} Damn kid keeps goin’ and gettin’ older and bigger and shit! wah.



More Memere:

Backyard Football ~ Team Teddy (with Daddy and Mike’s step-son Josh):

Time for Cake:


I love Maine AND this hat:

J’s slightly-too-puffy Puffy Jacket:

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Wishing you all much of this in the coming year…………………..

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Bowling Brothers

Due to no rhyme or reason I could discern, T reigned supreme on this day. Oh, and somehow, the other two each had a gutterball, with the gutter guards up.

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The Scouts Take the Marsh

T’s cub scout troop took a nature walk on the Eastern Trail a couple weeks ago. It was a gorgeous, warm November day, and the boys had fun.

They started off by saluting the flag:

and going over some ground rules:

The brothers patiently waited.

We saw a heron (?) along the way.

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(Mario) Brothers

So, how about a long-overdue Halloween post? At least it’s before Thanksgiving.

We started off the holiday period in the Capitol of Halloween: Salem.

There was a carnival on the town green that the boys ate up. They especially loved this one, which we had never seen before:

You and a competitor run as hard as you can down your lane and place a velcro thing on top of the divider before you get yanked back by the bungee attached to your waist. Good stuff.

Plus T rode a super-spinny ride with me:

Then on the 30th we had some spooky fun over at my friend Kat’s Halloween party.

And the grand finale – the real action itself. Trick or treat time! (And yes, that IS snow.)

Some neighborhood goodies:

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Harbinger of a Cold Winter?

Meet “Howdy-hum” – one fat squirrel:

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