Sparky’s Honey

My boys get peanut-buter-and-something sandwiches in their school lunches 99% of the time. And of that 99%, about 66% of the time it’s honey. I’m just happy there’s an alternative to monstrously-sugar-laden jelly or fluff that they’ll eat.

So at Common Ground this fall I snagged a jar of Sparky’s Honey, straight from Hope, Maine. It’s super-uber-delish. Awesome. And honestly? I’ve fallen hard for the packaging. {sucker}

I love the look of the label. Old-school. And I also LOVE that Lois’ carries Sparky’s Honey! Score!! We’ve got a bigger jar now than the first one. But the same label.

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DH & I died over this dinosaur face drawn by T. I mean, c’mon. Is it scary, or is it sly? Either way, it’s way beyond edible.

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We finally made it out pickin’ this week, & I must make this short so I can keep baking and saucing.

double apple:

Pumpkin Head:

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Finally Reached Common Ground

I have been wanting to go to the Common Ground Fair for years. But always hurdles were thrown up in my path – hurdles I deemed too high to overcome. But I’m happy to say that this year we took the leap, and it was well worth the effort. I loved it, and definitely plan to go back in the future without the kids.

The drive was one hour 45 minutes long each way, and the weather was iffy. We chose the worse of the two weekend weather days on purpose, in hopes that some of the crowds would stay away. (It seemed like they did.) We got a little damp before lunch, but the afternoon was dry.

There was so much to do and see and eat and buy – we couldn’t cover it all before we “lost” the kids. Or before we ran out of cash. Fun for all!

Roasting Peppers over Propane Flames:

Snack Cups of Wild Bluberries, $1 each:

And now for the highlight of the day for the boys (seriously – we spent at least half-an-hour there)…………

Award-winning Produce:



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Funpack @ Hinds

About a month ago, Daddy & C headed up to Camp Hinds for Funpack weekend.  This year the theme was dinosaurs. I mean, really. Can you say fun?

Can I make fire?:

Obstacle Course:

ta daaa!:


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Summer’s over.

We’ve certainly moved on to fall in these parts, and things have gotten busy! School, soccer, cub scouts, Sunday school………So here are some shots of two season-ending events.

Last trip blueberry picking, this time to a new-to-us farm:

This ended up being our last trip down to Pine Point Beach, and we set up by the rock wall for the first time. Major plus for the boys, PLUS the fact that we hit low tide as well and got to head out on the sandbar. Good stuff.

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Fishing with Friends

Soon-to-be Classmates G & C:

Father-son Catch:

G Loves Fish:

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